Thursday, April 02, 2009

Microsoft SharePoint - Version numbers

It's been the Nth time I've had to checkup the version of SharePoint that is installed on a Farm - and I am now finally keeping this here for my own notes.

All these times I've been hitting back on a very nice post by Penny Coventry that contains a list of SharePoint Patches and respective version numbers:

The easiest ways I use to check version numbers are:
1. In Central Admin, Site Actions > Site settings:


2. In IIS, right click on the web application and select properties > 'HTTP Headers' tab, under Custom HTTP Headers section:


Brad Saide said...

I've blogged about this list on Technet - - It gets updated quite regularly, and comes from the "source".

It also includes links to the service packs themselves and is now my go-to source for determining what the client's system is running. Here's the article

Douglas Leung said...

Thanks Brad for the link :)