Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Microsoft CRM 4.0 - Get Ready for 4.0 Titan (Part 2)

Because the NDA agreements have dropped (meaning that details of the Titan CTP can now be publicly released):

Hence, now we will get some new screen shots. Stunnware's post is a good source:

Philip Richardson, the Microsoft CRM Lead Program Manager, has actually created a load of Screencasts:
  • Titan: Import/Export Customizations

  • Titan Screencast: Add Multiple Users

  • Titan: Web Import

  • Titan: Duplicate Detection

  • Simon Hutson's blog also talks about some technical aspects of Events/Call-outs (now known as Plug ins)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Tidbits - Advanced Events

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Tidbits - Event Architecture

  • Stay tuned for more information. =)
    I may start posting about various aspects of the Titan myself =)

    Microsoft CRM 3.0 - How to Videos for Users

    I came across some very useful videos hosted on YouTube in around June 2007 by a company called "CRM On Target". Although they are for CRM 3.0, I'm sure there are still many people who will find these training videos useful. Enjoy!

    Microsoft CRM: Importing Sales Lead Records

    Microsoft CRM: Importing Contact Records

    Microsoft CRM: Creating a New Field

    Microsoft CRM: Creating an Activity Related View

    Microsoft CRM: 'Send Direct Email' Button in Outlook

    Microsoft CRM: Assigning Tasks from Outlook

    Monday, October 08, 2007

    Microsoft CRM 3.0 - Awesome CRM Search "Vista CRM Search Gadget "

    I was browsing around, and came back to this blog which I read a while back. It was posted back in April 14th this year, but only now I had the chance to go thru what Joris has done for the CRM community.

    Its a CRM Search application that consists of a Vista Gadget, and a search web application. Whats awesome is you can add it into IE7 as a search provider! The search works across multi entities, so it makes things very convenient.

    Hum.... why does it looks like an application I saw in the latest CRM 3.0 demo VPC?

    Vista CRM Search Gadget

    Microsoft CRM 4.0 - Get Ready for 4.0 Titan

    The word "Titan" has been mentioned many time already, but because it is still in its CTP3 stage, people who have been involved in the CTP3 have not been able to say much about the product due to agreements with Microsoft. That being said, there have been quiet alot of resources available online, which I thought I'd link into a single article.

    CRM Titan Books:
    Working with Microsoft Dynamics(TM) CRM 4.0

    Programming Microsoft Dynamics(TM) CRM 4.0 Developer Reference

    Sneak Peaks
    ISVs on Titan

    Titan Screencasts from Phillip Richardson
    On this particular blog from the CRM Team Blog, they give out very strong highlights of the features that will be part of 4.0 Titan.

    Feature Peaks
    Guy Riddle's Blog "Titan" NDA Lifted!5D4E0DC4D1513384!210.entry

    Metro - CRM ISV Training (Only for ISVs enrolled into the Early Adopter programme)!5D4E0DC4D1513384!211.entry