Friday, May 11, 2007

Microsoft CRM 3.0 - Common URL Links

When adding new records in CRM, it could involve many clicks. So how can we simplify the steps involved in adding new records?

You can create Microsoft CRM records directly using the following links below (Assuming your CRM url is http://crm:5555):

- For Accounts: http://crm:5555/SFA/accts/edit.aspx
- For Contacts: http://crm:5555/SFA/conts/edit.aspx
- For Opportunities: http://crm:5555/SFA/opps/edit.aspx
- For Cases: http://crm:5555/CS/cases/edit.aspx
- For Products: http://crm:5555/Products/product/edit.aspx
- For E-mail: http://crm:5555/Activities/task/edit.aspx
- For Task: http://crm:5555/Activities/task/edit.aspx
- For Campaigns: http://crm:5555/MA/camps/edit.aspx
- For Custom Entities: http://crm:5555/UserDefined/edit.aspx?etc=[objectTypeCode]

Where [objectTypeCode] is the code for your custom entity. This number starts from 10000 and increments for each entity that is created.

The object type code can also be checked at:

These could potentially be bookmarked, placed in links lists with SharePoint, or on any other web page.

If you were to edit existing records, the following query string would be added to the URL of choice above:
For example,

GUID's are generated by CRM when a record is created. This value is stored in the CRM SQL database and can be retrieve via the query string when viewing a record in CRM.