My SharePoint Tools

Below are my contributions to the SharePoint community - they are a collection of useful tools and resources which I've developed or collected through the years of development. Enjoy!

SharePoint Branding Tool (2007)

A tool that can help ease up the effort required to manually change branding on multiple sites.This tool can be used modify the following for multiple sites:
* Themes 
* CustomMasterUrl/MasterUrl (Master Page) 
* CSS and SiteImage Paths
* ...and more

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Version 1.5.1
Version 1.6.0/1.6.3
Version 1.7.0

SharePoint Lookup Field Relinker Utility

This tool was developed to reassociate or fix SharePoint lookup fields to lists in a site.

This tool is able to:
1. Relink lookup fields
2. Relink multiple lookup fields from an XML definition (Bulk tasks)
3. View Field Schema

This tool is useful in the following scenarios:
1. A list a lookup field is pointing to has been deleted and needs to be linked to a different field in a different list
2. A site backup is made and is restored in a different environment - The lookup fields will no longer link to 
the field even thought the appropriate lists may be created. This tool will help relink the fields

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