Monday, July 09, 2007

Microsoft CRM 3.0 - Call-Outs in CRM to create new SharePoint Sites

This article was kept in my draft stash for quite some time now, and I found it really useful and relevant to another post, which I published not long ago.

This article is a technical tutorial on developing call-outs for Microsoft CRM to create new SharePoint sites. Call-outs are custom "logic" that is executed as a result of a CRM workflow reponse.

The article is listed below:
The purpose of the integration is to create collaboration sites on SharePoint 2007 as new accounts or opportunities are created in Microsoft CRM

Microsoft SharePoint 2007 - SharePoint Configured as a CRM Tool (DIY tutorial)

This is an interesting flash movie that teaches on how to customise a SharePoint Site as a CRM application.

Microsoft CRM 3.0 - Third Party Tool to extend Document Management capabilities of CRM using SharePoint

In a previous post, I've discussed about hosting a SharePoint Site as a tab within an iframe in a CRM entity UI. Many people are not developers, and so would need to rely on third party products. KWizCom have always been creating some very good SharePoint add-on products and this time they've created something for just that purpose I mentioned. They created a product which they call the "CRM Connector to SharePoint".

This product not only places a SharePoint site into an entity, but it also creates a new SharePoint site for every entity you create (for the more technical, it comes with a call-out/plug-in for CRM). It supports MOSS 2007, SPS 2003, WSSv3 and WSSv2.

For more information, see the following extract from

KWizCom CRM Connecor to SharePoint, now supports MOSS 2007 - enables users to better manage documents linked to any CRM entity (Account, Lead, Product etc.).
These document management capabilities are based on Microsoft SharePoint Services, and provide CRM users with the ability to:

  • Create document libraries and folders
  • Link documents to any CRM entity
  • Search for documents from within MS CRM interface
  • Expose documents to users who are NOT CRM users
    (and do not have CRM client license)
  • Enables sharing applications beyond a single team-site scope

Microsoft SharePoint 2007 - SharePoint Configured as a CRM Tool?

When SharePoint was first released I recall having a conversation with a fellow colleague about the possibility of customising SharePoint as a CRM application.

A company called "BPA" did exactly just that, and named the product "Easy CRM SharePoint" (Easy CRM software solution for Microsoft SharePoint). They have flash demonstrations for this CRM application, and it proves to be very interesting indeed! Click on this link to see it:

So how did they do it? Does it integrate core CRM functionality into Outlook? Would it be better than Microsoft CRM 3.0 itself? Well, having a bit of a look into it, it appears they've used a series of lists, calendars and custom web parts to contribute to CRM functionality. They've even got lists of reports, offline access, an Outlook connector (to attach emails to items) and more. However, as compared to Microsoft CRM 3.0, it does seem like a little child, but I'll leave that to you to judge.