Thursday, March 08, 2007

Microsoft CRM 3.0 - Updated Addon for CRM

About 2 weeks ago, released a new version of the WordMailMerge add-on.

The new features are rather "Powerful" as it integrates with SharePoint. Using's WordMailMerge, you can now generate documents with CRM data, and save it directly to your SharePoint Sites! Wonderful, if you are using Sharepoint to store and share your documents.

And the goodness doesn't just stop there! You can now even store the WordMailMerge Document templates in Sharepoint! So no more of those shared-folder days... Links to your generated documents can be attached to your CRM letter activities. SWEET!

The following is a screenshot of their customisation:

And two links to demo videos from MSCRM-Addons:
1. Create letter and save it into Sharepoint
2 . Send a created letter as PDF and save it into Sharepoint


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