Monday, March 26, 2007

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Live - Sneak Peaks...

I was looking around the web looking for Microsoft Dymanics Live news... and found this EXCITING site with screen shots:

The web site is all about Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM, CRM as an online service. It mentions that "The first set of processes that will be available online are the marketing, sales and service capabilities offered within Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM."

Process: AdCentre Integration
This screen shot shows the AdCentre Integration, which is really a central location to access all online marketing campaigns. It integrates with Microsoft AdCenter (


Collaboration: Collaboration Screen
This screen shows how you accounts in your CRM can be setup to become partners whom can collaborate with your organisation!

Note that this Microsoft Dynamics Live service also allows for "both structured information from ERP and CRM systems and unstructured information in the form of documents to be connected via SharePoint technology."

Pretty neat! It even allows you to control access to certain Web Parts (Campaign Activities, Campaign Art, Campaign Budget, Campaign Documents, Contacts and Planning Tasks)!


I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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