Thursday, March 20, 2008

Microsoft SharePoint 2007 - SharePoint Branding Tool v1.5.1 (Custom tool for themes, masterpages, site logos...)

I got a little bored and a little sick at home, so I started finishing off some code I worked on with my colleagues Andrey Shchurov and Alexandre Bacchin (I'm no geek though).

This is meant to be a tool that will aid the Web Designer or the SharePoint Developer in applying look and feel to their SharePoint sites. It also doubles up as a great tool to update multiple SharePoint sites manually (including MySites).

This is how the tool looks like. You can select from a list of web applications, select the sites to apply changes, and then apply your theme! (If you've got lots of sites, that's ok, you can filter them by the site template the site uses)

It's got other features as well to quickly update your MasterPage URL, and your Applications MasterPage URL(CustomMasterUrl) as well:

So this is before the Theme application:

This is after. It doesn't only apply it for the top level site, but also did it for one of the child sites (which is 2 level below the above site):

Need to change the site logo and description for multiple sites? No problem:

Boom! In just a few seconds just took a few seconds...

And the Master Page URL? How does it work? Here's a screen shot:

After the update of the property via the code:

Not to mention, it also logs what it does in a text file, so it's easy to revert in case of mistakes. It's developed with .NET 2.0 and uses the SharePoint 2007 API, so it'll work with WSSv3 and MOSS2007.

The code doesn't have good naming conventions, but we'll leave that to be a to-do. For now, I've tested it enough to prove it works with no problems. Any suggestions of feedback, please post it on the codeplex page.

A newer version is available. More information here:

You can get the SharePoint Branding Tool here:

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