Tuesday, August 02, 2011

SharePoint: I'm presenting at SharePoint Saturday Sydney 2011

I'm so excited! I'm presenting at SharePoint Saturday Sydney 2011!

I'll be discussing about "Applying Content Type Hubs and Managed Metadata To Improve Document Management in the real world". Hope to see you all there on the day for a fruitful session!

The abstract for the session is below:
"SharePoint 2010 offers a suite of new and enhanced capabilities, which if utilised effectively in select business scenarios can bring enormous value to organisations. Document Management is one area where SharePoint 2010 offers many new features and benefits. This session covers two new document management capabilities: The Content Type Hub and Managed Metadata. Douglas will walk through the anatomy of Content Type Hubs and Managed Metadata, recommended approaches, constraints and how to best work around these constraints. A number of typical document management scenarios will be used throughout the session to demonstrate the concepts and keep it real. If time permits, he will also share some C# code snippets which support the scenarios described."
For more information:


Maria said...

Hi Douglas,
Just wondering if I could get a copy of your slide deck on this topic from SharePoint Saturday?
thanks, Maria

Douglas Leung said...

Hi Maria,

I'll be putting it up sometime this week.

Sorry have been hectic since the presentation - will put it up asap.

How did you find the session?


Maria said...

Thanks Doug!
I enjoyed the session, got alot out of it since I havent touched on this topic yet.

Douglas Leung said...

Hi Maria,

Sorry for the delay, the set of slides have been uploaded to: