Monday, April 02, 2007

Microsoft CRM 3.0 - E-mail Tracking in the CRM client for Microsoft Outlook

If your tracking functionality is either disabled (grayed out) or if Outlook prompts you to say that you have insufficient permissions to track an e-mail, it probably is because the role of the user for which you have logged into the system with, does not have the appropriate permissions.

In order to allow the tracking of e-mails, the user needs to be able to:
1) Create a new activity (Since tracking an E-mail essentially means creating an activity in MS CRM 3.0)
2) Read and Append to queues (For the CRM E-mail Router to read the original e-mail from the CRM mailbox)

Hence, the role that needs tracking permissions shall have the following checked:
1) Create permissions for Activities
2) Read and Append to permissions for Queues

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K.M. said...

Hi Douglas,

I have the "insufficient permission" problem you described when using "Track in CRM" function in Outlook.
However, looking the the Queue permission setting I don't see the option of applying the access level for "Append". Although I would see key available for change on "Create", "Read", "Write"..etc

I'm using CRM 3.0